The land of Pieria, Land of the gods, the Muses and myths, is a special part of Macedonia and the most beautiful crossroad of Greece.

It stretches out peacefully from under polymorphic and imposing Mt. Olympus, the world renowned spiritual and natural monument, and the evergreen Pieria mountains, to the azure waters of the Aegean.

Mt. Olympus is where the 12 Gods resided. In its gorges is their palaces. The Pantheon, known today as Mitikas. Is their meeting place and the setting of their turbulent discussions.

Today's Stefani (wreath) is the throne that housed Zeus, father of the gods. It is from this place that he casts his lightning bolts thus showing his divine wrath. Beside Mt. Olympus unfold the Pieria Mountains.
Peaceful, evergreen, splendid, they soothe the eyes, liberate and guide the Imagination through paths and shady settings where the Muses of Pieria, the expressions of the eternal manifold quest of both mind and art perform their dances.

The simple traveler can experience moments of repose, enjoying the changing landscapes, the diversity of colors and the hospitality of the locals.

Mountain climbers will find both long, mild routes as well as difficult ascents. Scientists will discover depending on their specialization, an endless territory open to research and study.

The visit to the archaeological site is in itself a trip through resplendent nature and history, while the Archaeological Museum of Dion harbors finds from Dion and Pieria.