This land, Pieria, land of the gods, the Muses and the Myths, is a separate part of Macedonia, the most beautiful crossroads in Greece.
It stretches calmly under the multifaceted and imposing Olympus, the world spiritual and natural monument and the green Pieria to the clear blue waters of the Aegean. Olympus was inhabited by the 12 gods.
In his gorges, the aspects as Homer calls them, were their palaces. The Pantheon, today’s Mytikas, is the meeting point and the theater of their stormy discussions.
The throne of today, Stefani, hosts the father of the gods, Zeus. From here he unleashes his lightning, thus showing his divine rage.
Next to Olympus, the Pieria mountains, green, beautiful, calm the eye, release and lead the imagination to paths and shady dance halls where the Pierides Muses set up their dance, the expressions of the eternal multifarious search for thought and art.
The ordinary visitor can live moments of relaxation enjoying the change of landscape, the variety of colors and the hospitality of the inhabitants.
The climber will find long gentle routes or difficult climbs the scientist depending on his specialty will find an endless field of research and study.
A visit to the archeological site is a journey into beautiful nature and history.
The Archaeological Museum of Dion houses finds from Dion and Pieria.